Import of Diffraction Data (Peaks)

You can import the diffraction pattern of the entry you are currently editing from the following peak data file formats:

In order to import the diffraction pattern for the currently selected entry, please click on the "Diffraction pattern" tabsheet header in order to bring the corresponding tabsheet into front. Afterwards, click on the "Import" button to the left of the peak data table. A dialog will open in which you have to select the diffraction data file you would like to import. Please mark the appropriate line as "File type" at the bottom of the dialog, select the file and press "Open".

If the peak data file does not provide information like the radiation wavelength, the "Experimental Details" dialog will be displayed so that you can enter the missing data. Once all required data are present, the diffraction data are shown in the "Diffraction pattern" tabsheet; they are displayed both as diffraction pattern picture as well as peak list (d-values/Intensities) in the table to the right.

Once you finished editing the entry, the data still have to be saved to the database. In order to do so, please click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the User Database Manager. Your entry will now appear in the Entry list at the top. That's it !

Please note: