Raw Data Smoothing

The basic aim of the smoothing of the diffraction data is to improve the signal/noise ratio, in order to be able to determine small peaks even in low-quality diffraction patterns revealing a large contribution of noise. Match! uses the well-known algorithm by A. Savitzky and M.J.E. Golay (described in Analyt. Chem. 36, 1627 (1964); corrected by Steinier, Termonia and Deltour in Analyt. Chem. 44, 1906 (1972)) to perform this task.

In order to smooth the data, either select the "Smooth raw data" command from the "Pattern" menu or press the corresponding button in the main toolbar at the top.

You can run the command several times until the desired degree of smoothing has been reached. However, always keep in mind that every smoothing operation may result in a loss of information (peaks)!