What's New For Match! 2 Users

If you have already used the previous Match! version 2, you will feel pretty much at home when using the new version 3, because only minor modifications have been applied to the user interface. Some important functionality has been added though; you can get a quick overview here of what has changed:

Add new entries to reference database directly

Using the "Add to reference database" command from the "Database" menu you can quickly add a new entry to the current reference database, e.g. by importing data from a cif-file. If the current anchor pattern (bottom-most experimental pattern) contains peak data, they will be copied to the new entry automatically.

User configurable automatic Rietveld refinement

You can now create own refinement sequences with selected parameters for the automatic Rietveld refinement. The corresponding dialog can be accessed by pressing the new "Configure..." button at the top of the "Rietveld Parameter Turn-On" dialog. Several user defined refinement sequences can be stored and recalled later on using the new "Preset" box.

New user level "Rietveld"

A new user level "Rietveld" has become available on the "Batch"-tab of the "Options" dialog. The "Rietveld" user level selects settings that run all steps automatically, incl. identification of the matching phases and Rietveld refinement. All the user has to do is to select the raw diffraction data file to be analyzed and wait a few seconds until the phase analysis report is displayed.

Specimen-displacement correction for asymmetric geometry

In addition to the specimen-displacement correction for Bragg-Brentano geometry, a new correction for asymmetric geometry has been implemented. The geometry (as well as the parameter Ω for the asymmetric geometry) can now be adjusted at the bottom of the "Raw data" processing tab of the "Options" dialog.

New toolbar button for "Batch" processing options

A new toolbar button for batch processing options has been added to the left of the "raw data processing" button, so that you can quickly access your settings for automatic operations on the "Batch"-tab of the "Options" dialog.

Slight rearrangement of toolbar buttons

The order of the buttons in the "Search-Match/Select entries/FullProf" toolbar has been rearranged so that their operation in the normal workflow is now more logical from left to right.

New menu "Database"

The new menu "Database" now contains all commands related to the reference databases, like the access to the Reference Database Library or the User Database Manager.

Update subscription model introduced

With Match! version 3 Crystal Impact has switched over to a subscription model for updates, replacing the current "major/minor update model". With the new model, you can still use your software/license as long as you like (if you have purchased a permanent license), just like it has been with the previous "major/minor update model".

The major change in the new model is that all updates and new versions that are released within a certain amount of time (called your "subscription period") will be available for download and installation free-of-charge, even if major improvements have been implemented. Updates of versions that are released after your subscription period has expired cannot be installed and run. If you would like to use these more recent versions, you have to purchase an extension for your subscription.

More information about the new subscription model as well as some frequently asked questions and their answers are available on our web page.