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Diamond Version 3 - Download Area

Diamond Demonstration Version 3.2k

The DIAMOND demonstration version is identical with the full version except of the following restrictions:
  • No saving: Changes in structure documents cannot be saved in the original file formats of Diamond 3 (the Diamond Document format, "diamdoc") and the Diamond Structure File format ("DSF"), which has been used by earlier versions of DIAMOND.
  • Banner: A banner with "Diamond Demonstration Version" will be written into saved bitmaps, Windows Metafiles, and printouts.

DIAMOND is distributed as self-extracting exe-file. It is provided with online-help, a tutorial, and a collection of 40 mineral structures prepared with DIAMOND.
We recommend to read the file README.TXT before installation of DIAMOND. There you will find details about system requirements and instructions for installation.
Please note: Some users reported that the installation does not work on 64 bit editions of MS Windows. If you encounter such a problem, please contact us (see bottom of this page).  Besides this, at least one user reported that the antivirus program "AVAST" reports a "trojan horse" in the self-extracting executable. This is surely false alarm.

Readme / Installation Instructions
November 5, 2014

Download Diamond Demo Version 3.2k (Diamond-Demo-Setup-32k.exe)
[25,120,880 byte]           November 5, 2014

DIAMOND version 3 can use POV-Ray to create photorealistic pictures. If you would like to do so, please download and install also the POV-Ray software package:

Download POV-Ray (povwin36.exe)
[9,535 KByte]  January 10, 2005

The POV-Ray package is provided with DIAMOND as a free bonus; customers of Diamond do not pay for POV-Ray in any way. You can download the official POV-Ray package without charge from It is permitted under the terms of the General License in the file POVLEGAL.DOC. The POV-Team does not endorse the distributor or its products. The POV-Team receives no compensation for this distribution.


The brochure for Diamond version 3 (in PDF format) is available here.

User Manual

DIAMOND is distributed with a user manual including a detailed tutorial which also introduces you to many important features. If you have already used the previous DIAMOND version 2, you should especially read the chapter "What's New for Diamond 2 Users". This chapter may also be interesting for new users who would like to get an overview over the highlighting new features in DIAMOND version 3.
If you would like to have a look at the user manual without installing the software, you can download it separately from here:

Download Tutorial in English (tutorial.pdf)
[10,480 KByte]   July 29, 2009

A Chinese version of the tutorial is available thanks to the efforts of Xin Su, currently chemistry major student from Nankai University, PR China. Readers' suggestions and feedbacks can be sent to or The tutorial is available free-of-charge for download:

Download Tutorial in Chinese (Diamond_Manual_zh_CN_v1.01.pdf)
[4,631 KByte]  October 19, 2009

Besides this and thanks to the efforts of Prof. Santiago Rodríguez Almenar of the Escuela Superior de Cerámica de Manises (Manises Valencia/Spain), a quickstart manual is available in Spanish language free-of-charge for download:

Download Diamond Quickstart in Spanish (quickstart_sp.pdf)
[1,460 KByte]  December 12, 2008

Please note: All manuals/tutorials have been checked and proofread by the authors each - but mistakes in translation, errors and typos cannot be avoided!


User Group

If you are interested in DIAMOND, you might want to register for the DIAMOND user group. This is a non-moderated mailing list in which all aspects of the application of the DIAMOND software are discussed.