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Diamond Version 4 Download Area

Download Diamond Version 4.6.8

Diamond version 4 is distributed as a self-extracting executable file (*-Setup.exe). It is provided with online-help, a user manual/tutorial, the "Crystallography Open Database" (COD) as well as several sample files.

The software package provided below can either be used:

  1. to install the Diamond demonstration version,
  2. to install the Diamond full version for the electronic delivery option,
  3. or to install an updated version, if you do not use the "automatic online update" function.

The download package contains a general license file that lets Diamond run as demonstration version only. In order to turn Diamond into a full version, you have to obtain a special license file that you typically receive per e-mail when you purchase a software license for Diamond with the "electronic delivery option". (The special license file will replace the general license file with the instructions provided with this e-mail.)

Note: If you have ordered the Diamond installation package on a software DVD (rather than downloaded from here), the special license file is already included in this package.


If you are interested in the free-of-charge demo version, we would appreciate very much if you register for our mailing list. Although this is not mandatory for downloading the software from below, we would like to be able to inform you by e-mail when updated versions have become available.

Restrictions of the demonstration version
The DIAMOND demonstration version is identical with the full version except of the following restrictions:

  • No saving: Changes in structure documents cannot be saved in the original file formats of Diamond 3, 4, and 5 (the Diamond Document format, "diamdoc") and the Diamond Structure File format ("DSF"), which has been used by earlier versions of Diamond.
  • Banner: A banner with "Diamond Demonstration Version" will be written into saved bitmaps, Windows Metafiles, and printouts.

Download latest version
We recommend to read the file README.TXT before you install DIAMOND. There you will find details about system requirements and instructions for installation.

Readme / Installation Instructions
April 2, 2022

Download Diamond Version 4.6.8 (Diamond-4.6.8-Setup.exe)
[706,771,336 bytes]     April 2, 2022

Important notes for using the download package to update Diamond to a newer version
This information is for customers who want to update their Diamond version but do not use the "online update" function (or where the online update has failed for whatever reason).

  1. Before you start the installation after successful download, make a backup copy of your license file "yourlicense.lic", which is located in the Diamond program directory, by default: "C:\Program Files\Diamond 4".
  2. Uninstall your current Diamond 4.x version. Otherwise the installer will throw a message that "another version of the product is already installed" on your computer. (Your personal/latest Diamond settings keep stored in the Windows registry.)
  3. Install Diamond (which contains only the general demonstration license file).
  4. After successful installation re-copy your backuped license file into the Diamond program directory in order to re-enable the full functionality.

Previous version
If you encounter trouble with the latest version of Diamond, you can download a previous version from here. (Don't forget to backup your license file "yourlicense.lic" when you uninstall and re-install Diamond.)

Version 4.6.7 Diamond-4.6.7-Setup.exe 706,768,984 bytes February 24, 2022
Version 4.6.6 Diamond-4.6.6-Setup.exe 706,766,552 bytes September 17, 2021
Version 4.6.5 Diamond-4.6.5-Setup.exe 706,755,520 bytes  April 20, 2021
Version 4.6.4 Diamond-4.6.4-Setup.exe 706,754,912 bytes  September 17, 2020
Version 4.6.3 Diamond-4.6.3-Setup.exe 706,752,216 bytes  April 7, 2020
Version 4.6.2 Diamond-4.6.2-Setup.exe 706,749,904 bytes February 5, 2020
Version 4.6.1 Diamond-4.6.1-Setup.exe 706,748,280 bytes November 19, 2019
Version 4.6.0 Diamond-4.6.0-Setup.exe 706,752,576 bytes August 28, 2019
Version 4.5.3 Diamond-4.5.3-Setup.exe 705,752,456 bytes October 31, 2018
Version 4.5.2 Diamond-4.5.2-Setup.exe 705,749,416 bytes May 19, 2018
Version 4.5.1 Diamond-4.5.1-Setup.exe 705,747,568 bytes January 23, 2018
Version 4.5.0 Diamond-4.5.0-Setup.exe 705,748,008 bytes January 18, 2018
Version 4.4.1 Diamond-4.4.1-Setup.exe 702,497,568 bytes September 25, 2017
Version 4.4.0 Diamond-4.4.0-Setup.exe 702,472,008 bytes May 12, 2017
Version 4.3.2 Diamond-4.3.2-Setup.exe 701,984,424 bytes March 16, 2017
Version 4.3.1 Diamond-4.3.1-Setup.exe 701,974,144 bytes January 10, 2017
Version 4.3.0 Diamond-4.3.0-Setup.exe 701,966,456 bytes November 28, 2016
Version 4.2.2 Diamond-4.2.2-Setup.exe 702,006,872 bytes August 2, 2016
Version 4.2.1 Diamond-4.2.1-Setup.exe 702,000,024 bytes July 16, 2016
Version 4.2.0 Diamond-4.2.0-Setup.exe 701,992,496 bytes May 31, 2016
Version 4.1.4 Diamond-4.1.4-Setup.exe 701,979,704 bytes March 21, 2016
Version 4.1.3 Diamond-4.1.3-Setup.exe 701,979,608 bytes February 22, 2016
Version 4.1.2 Diamond-4.1.2-Setup.exe 701,977,248 bytes January 4, 2016
Version 4.1.1 Diamond-4.1.1-Setup.exe 701,967,600 bytes December 16, 2015
Version 4.1.0 Diamond-4.1.0-Setup.exe 701,966,728 bytes November 7, 2015
Version 4.0.5 Diamond-4.0.5-Setup.exe 701,963,352 bytes September 12, 2015
Version 4.0.4 Diamond-4.0.4-Setup.exe 701,960,832 bytes August 10, 2015
Version 4.0.3 Diamond-4.0.3-Setup.exe 701,958,928 bytes May 6, 2015
Version 4.0.2 Diamond-4.0.2-Setup.exe 701,951,808 bytes March 5, 2015
Version 4.0.1 Diamond-4.0.1-Setup.exe 701,925,808 bytes November 10, 2014
Version 4.0.0 Diamond-4.0.0-Setup.exe 701,909,936 bytes October 28, 2014

Crystallography Open Database (COD)
A comprehensive (though not up-to-date: March 2012) version of the "Crystallography Open Database (COD)" is included in the Diamond software package, amongst them data from "American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database" (AMCSD) as well as from International Union of Crystallography" (IUCr) journals.

In this context, we would like to thank Pete Strickland (IUCr), Armel Le Bail (COD) and Bob Downs (AMCSD) for their kind permission to download and distribute their data free-of-charge!


DIAMOND version 4 can use POV-Ray to create photorealistic pictures. If you would like to do so, please download and install also the POV-Ray software package:

Download POV-Ray (povwin-3.7-agpl3-setup.exe)
[31,273 KByte]  October 28, 2014

The POV-Ray package is provided with DIAMOND as a free bonus; customers of Diamond do not pay for POV-Ray in any way. You can download the official POV-Ray package without charge from The POV-Team does not endorse the distributor or its products. The POV-Team receives no compensation for this distribution. For detailed information about the POV-Ray license, please read the "GENERAL LICENSE AGREEMENT" (also called "POVLEGAL.DOC") at:

Please note:
(1) The POV-Ray editor (to edit, change, render, and debug POV-Ray 3D scene files) uses a different license type and is thus not included in the above mentioned software package. The last step in the installation procedure will point you to a POV-Ray web page where you can download the POV-Ray editor from. We strongly recommend to install this editor, too, even if you do not intend to edit or debug POV-Ray scene files. Otherwise you will receive a prompt whenever Diamond starts a POV-Ray rendering job and the command "Tools/POV-Ray/Launch Environment..." fails or shows an auxiliary POV-Ray window where you cannot edit the POV-Ray scene file.
(2) You should run POV-Ray separately before you make the first POV-Ray rendering job from Diamond. Otherwise Diamond may have trouble locating the POV-Ray executable "pvengine[64].exe" on your hard disk.


User Manual

DIAMOND is distributed with a user manual including a detailed tutorial which also introduces you to many important features. If you have already used the previous DIAMOND version 3, you should especially read the chapter "What's New for Diamond 3 Users". This chapter may also be interesting for new users who would like to get an overview over the highlighting new features in DIAMOND version 4.
If you would like to have a look at the user manual without installing the software, you can download it separately from here:

Download User Manual in English, Version 4.6 (manual.pdf)
[7,061,425 bytes]       August 27, 2019

Please note: All manuals/tutorials have been checked and proofread by the authors each - but mistakes in translation, errors and typos cannot be avoided!


User Group

If you are interested in DIAMOND, you might want to register for the DIAMOND user group. This is a non-moderated mailing list in which all aspects of the application of the DIAMOND software are discussed.